Wearable Drama? Maybe Not


The jeans+t-shirt combo always saves us when we are having those lazy days. In my opinion the most important is: whatever you’re going to use, use it with confidence. If you’re not feeling like wearing the most sophisticated clothes it’s probably better if you don’t because eventually you’ll end up feeling uncomfortable in it. You can find some tips below to make your combination more glamorous and upwards you’ll find my combo. What do you think?

 A combinação jeans + tshirt sempre nos salvou naqueles dias que estamos muito preguiçosos. Para mim o mais importante é: o que quer que uses, usa com confiança. Se não estás num dia de usar roupa mais sofisticada, não vale a pena usa-la pois não te vais sentir confortável. A baixo encontra-se algumas dicas para tornares a combinação mais glamorosa, e a cima a que eu usei. O que acharam?

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  1. Great post! I really like the shoes and the bag 🙂

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  2. My husband loves when I wear a simple pair of jeans, a tee and a pair of heels. I do not wear jeans too often but I do know it’s one of his fave looks. And can I just say I love a good faux fur vest! I think we may be over the cooler weather so now I have to wait until next winter. I guess I will just live vicariously thru you! Thanks for sharing your look, bombshell! Today I give tips on pulling off an effortlessly chic look! Please leave a comment with your thoughts and include your blog link so my friends can check you out too. Thanks in advance for reading, chickadee!



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