Red on Red


This is a post in which I’m going to talk about reusing and this amazing look that only cost me 10€. It is not new to you that I reuse a lot of things and sometimes with the cheapest (and older, btw) things I create fabulous looks. There’s no need to constantly go shopping (at least I don’t have he money for that) and therefore reusing is the key word.
☆ This jacket has been around for about 20 years because I stole it from my grandma’s closet and it’s gorgeous. Cost=0€
☆This pants, I have them by around a year now and I won’t get rid of them. It’s mandatory to have at least one pair of red pants. Cost=5€
☆I bought this shirt on ain’t age store about three years ago and I’m still in love with it. Cost=5€
☆This shoes belong to my aunt and she has been lending them to me for a while. Cost=0€


This look has my face all over it. It’s all over the place, it shines and people definitely like it. I’m starting to like the monochromatic look more and more each time. It’s not just basic black but all the colors you can find. There’s no way you’ll make mistakes since you don’t have to worry about matching colors and patterns. In my opinion monochromatic looks are way more chic. So take a risk making one of this looks and leave me the link. I would love to check them all out.




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  1. OMGGGGG I am Obsessed with this look! The red on red looks so amazing on your skin tone! You are killing it girl!


  2. I honestly don’t like outfits with only one color, unless is a dress and still I pop up with colorful accessories.
    I prefer block colors than a one color outfit. But still is an amazing look, and it looks good on you.
    And the best part is that was cheap and you re-used some old pieces. That is great 😀



  3. Love this outfit! I love it when people can pull of an outfit made up on entirely one color. Very impressive haha!

    ❤️ Leani


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